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Ringo Starr’s Birthday Greeting to Sir Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday! (Video)

Happy 70th Paul McCartney. The legendary musician and inspirational motivation of The Day Tripper is turning 70th today. Here is a Ringo Starr and his All Star band sing Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney for his 70th birthday. The band includes, Richard Page, Greg Rolie, Todd Rundgren, Gregg Bissonnette and Mark Rivera.

Best Wishes.

Always a good time to trip The Beatles GIF

When I saw these animated GIF images of The Beatles, I just wanted to share them with our readers.

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Beatles historic date is wrong

Original Quarrymen banjo player says first Cavern show anniversary is a mistake – and remembers how McCartney took his job

Banjo player Rod Davis, who was replaced by Paul McCartney soon after the Quarrymen started gigging, agreed with archivists who suggested the group first performed in the LIverpool venue on August 7, 1957.

But he recently realised the date was wrong: the skiffle group had already played the Cavern by then.

Davis tells the BBC: “No question about it: I played three or four times at the Cavern and is was definitely before August.

“I have my dad’s passport which says, ‘Entry to Bolougne, July 29, 1957,’ so I was definitely not at the Cavern on August 7.”

He has photographic evidence too, in a roll of film shot by his dad which recorded the Quarrymen’s first ever show at a church fete a few weeks earlier.

“On the same strip of film was my family with my uncle who lived in Epping – we stayed the night with him before we went to France,” Davis says.

“Despite telling Beatles biographers that I remembered the gig, I didn’t, so I’m as much to blame as everybody else.

“Some biographers say they’ve gone by adverts in the Liverpool Echo, but there were skiffle sessions where only the leading group was named. We played dates at the Cavern at which the Quarrymen were not advertised by name.”

Davis recalls the moment he realised McCartney had taken his place in the band. “The famous meeting with Lennon and McCartney was on July 6, and a couple of weeks after that I remember practising at John’s Aunt Mimi’s house.

“I turned up and there was a guy there I didn’t know. I said to John, ‘Who’s this?’ and he said, ‘That’s Paul – he’s come to listen to us practise.’

“By then they’d obviously offered him the banjo player slot. If I hadn’t been such a rubbish banjo player, Paul McCartney wouldn’t have been in the group.”

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Paul McCartney appears to be a victim of phone hacking

Sir Paul McCartney has told US media he appears to be a victim of phone hacking and will go to the police.

It comes after his ex-wife Heather Mills alleged a senior Mirror Group journalist admitted hacking into voicemail messages left by him.

The former Beatle said he expected to learn more when he talked to police in the UK once his US tour was over.

Speaking from Ohio, he told journalists phone hacking was “a horrendous violation of privacy”.

“When I go back [to Britain] after this tour, I am going to talk to the police because apparently I have been hacked,” he said.

“I don’t know much about it because they won’t tell anyone except the person themselves. So I will be talking to them about that.

“I do think it’s horrendous violation of privacy. I do think it has been going on for a long time and I do think more people than we know knew about it.

“But I think I should just listen and hear what the facts are before I comment.”


Paul McCartney to play the opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympic Games

Sir Paul McCartney is set to headline the opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympic Games alongside other British music stars.

Sir Paul McCartney is set to headline the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Beatles legend has told organisers of London 2012 he is “up for” playing at the prestigious event on July 27, but which songs he will play and final arrangements for the show are yet to be finalised.

Paul will not, however, perform with his former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr as he will be touring the US at the time.

Other British music legends such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin have ruled themselves out of performing at the event.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “The hope was to have the cream of British music all in the line-up but it now looks like Paul will be joined on stage by some younger stars.

“But of all the people you want, McCartney is number one. He is the ultimate showman and guaranteed to get the Olympics off to a great start.”

Paul – whose fashion designer daughter Stella McCartney is creating the kit for the British Olympic team – had hinted he might take part during an interview last month, saying: “I hear there’s a rumour that I might be involved.”

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Paul McCartney’s experience of 9/11 to be broadcasted by Showtime

Showtime will mark the 10 year anniversary of the events of 9/11 with a special broadcast that documents Paul McCartney’s experiences both during and after the tragedy.

Titled ‘The Love That You Make,’ the new documentary will air Sunday, September 10 at 9PM ET. McCartney’s day began with his plane being grounded on the tarmac in New York, and as Real Screen reports, he then returned to the city, witnessing the developing events firsthand.

Filmmaker Albert Maysles and his partner Bradley Kaplan spent six weeks following McCartney as he began to assemble plans and rehearse for ‘The Concert For New York City.’

Shot in 16mm black and white, the footage captures McCartney on the streets interacting with New Yorkers and also features other performers, including Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow.

Maysles has prior experience filming McCartney – he lensed the 1964 Beatles documentary ‘What’s Happening! The Beatles in the U.S.A.,’ a film about their first visit to the U.S.

Remembering the events, McCartney comments, “It was an honor to be able to help New York and America at that time in its history. There was a feeling of shock and fear in the air that I thought we could help alleviate with music. And the fact that so many people stepped up to join us made for a very uplifting evening for us all.”

Beatles fans can also look forward to a new George Harrison documentary from director Martin Scorsese, which will air on HBO in two parts on October 5 and 6.

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Paul McCartney wake up call to Atlantis Shuttle crew (video)

Paul McCartney joined the parade of musical stars waking up the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis’ final mission with a rendition of the Beatles classic ‘Good Day Sunshine’ this morning.

Following in the recent footsteps of his buddy Elton John, as well as R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe, McCartney awoke the astronauts with a pre-recorded clip of ‘Sunshine’ followed by an extremely chipper message: “Good morning, guys — wake up! And good luck on this, your last mission. Well done!”

Of course, this morning was hardly the first time Beatles music has been played for the crew across the soon-ending thirty-year history of the program. ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ has been transmitted up to the space explorers three other times, including once directly from a live McCartney concert, and ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ ‘Birthday’ and ‘With a Little Help From My Friends,’ among others, also have been blasted out into the final frontier.


Paul and Ringo: Beatles reunion is a NO GO

The surviving Beatles have quashed the rumors of a possible “reunion” at the London Olympics in 2012.

Previously, it had been reported by U.K. newspaper The Sun that festival organizers were hoping to get Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to perform together at the ceremonies, perhaps with members of the Harrison and Lennon families joining in to properly represent all four original Beatles.

Representatives for both McCartney and Starr have shot down those reports, with McCartney calling it “tabloid stuff.” A rep for Starr said “this is not true.”

Julian Lennon, who theoretically would have filled his father’s role on stage at this event, commented via his Facebook page: “There will NEVER be a Beatles reunion, because two of the members of the band have since passed… And NO ONE could, or should try to replace them.”

There is at least the possibility that McCartney himself might appear at the London Olympics, something he discussed in somewhat vague terms during an interview last month.

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Dave Grohl enmarcó el regalo que Paul McCartney le dio a su hija

La pequeña Harper Grohl no tuvo ni una oportunidad de disfrutar el regalo que le hizo Paul McCartney. Porque aunque su padre ha tocado varias veces con el legendario ex Beatle, como para Grohl no encontró nada mejor que enmarcar el presente para su hija.

Todo ocurrió cuando McCartney quiso tener un gesto hacia Grohl tras el nacimiento de Harper, la segunda hija que tiene con su esposa Jordyn.

Según Contact Music, el ex batero de Nirvana contó a NME: “Nos dimos cuenta de que eran de una tienda que queda cerca de mi casa, así que la siguiente vez que con Jordyn estuvimos cerca de la tienda ella dijo: ‘Paul McCartney ordenó que compraran algunas cosas de este tienda para nuestra niña’. Y el tipo que atendía dijo: ‘No, no, no, ¡Paul vino y eligió la ropa él mismo!’ Así que nuestra hija no tiene permitido usar esa ropa jamás. La hemos enmarcado ¡no la tendrá jamás!”

El músico, que lanzará el nuevo disco de Foo Fighters en abril, también comentó que su hija Harper canta “Baby” de Justin Bieber a pesar de tener sólo dos años.  “Así que lo que sea que ese tipo haya hecho para lavarle el cerebro con esa música loca de mierda que hace, que Dios lo bendiga”, dijo.

Se subasta el piano donde McCartney tocó “Yesterday”

Fuente: Rolling Stone mx

El piano que Paul McCartney usara por primera vez para tocar el clásico tema “Yesterday”, será subastado en Inglaterra el próximo mes.

El instrumento que pertenecía a Alma Cogan, amiga de McCartney, es un piano pequeño de 1926, y a través de los años ha sido usado por músicos como Mick Jagger y John Lennon, así como por Sean Connery y Michael Caine.

Sandra Cogan, hermana de Alma, ha decidido subastarlo el próximo 14 de abril en el Teatro Drury Lane de Londres y se espera obtener al menos unas 125.000 libras por el instrumento. Yo diria que puede empezar la subasta en 500.000 dólares y se vendería muy bien.

Paul McCartney ayudará a Steve Martin con su proyecto musical

Fuente: Rolling Stone MX

Steve Martin, mejor conocido por su trabajo en películas de comedia, es además todo un experto del banjo y ha lanzado varios discos con gran éxito.

En 2009 lanzó un disco junto con el grupo The Steep Canyon Rangers, The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String, el cual

fue muy bien recibido. Luego de ese éxito tratará de repetir la magia en un nuevo disco, Rare Bird Alert.

Para este material cuenta con la colaboración de nada más y nada menos que Sir Paul McCartney y las Dixie Chicks. “Este álbum representa un intenso y alegre periodo de componer e ir de gira. “Mi amor por esta música continúa”, comentó Martin. Se espera que este material esté disponible a partir del 15 de marzo

Videos del homenaje a Sir Paul McCartney

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Sir Paul McCartney fue homenajeado por el Gobierno de Estados Unidos. La ceremonia se llevó a cabo en el Kennedy Center el pasado 5 de diciembre y participaron varios artistas como No Doubt, Dave Grohl, Norah Jones, Mavis Staples, Steven Tyler, entre otros.

Apenas ayer se transmitió la ceremonia por completo en la televisión norteamericana y están disponibles dos videos, en el primero se ve a No Doubt y Dave Grohl junto a Norah Jones interpretando temas de Paul. En el segundo sale Steven Tyler seguido de James Taylor y Mavis Staples.

Paul McCartney produce disco de su hijo

Sir Paul McCartney ha producido el EP de su hijo James McCartney material que llevará por nombre “Available Light” contendrá 5 canciones y estará disponible este 21 de Septiembre.

De este material cuatro temas han sido compuestos por el mismo James McCartney y el quinto es una versión de “Old Man” de Neil Young. El EP fue grabado en un periodo de dos años en estudios de Estados Unidos y en Abbey Road de Londres, el cantautor James McCartney comentó: “Es rock and roll, con voces y sonidos muy limpios. Las letras tratan de temas como la espiritualidad, el amor y la familia…”

1. ‘Angel’
2. ‘Glisten’
3. ‘My Friend’
4. ‘Denial’
5. ‘Old Man’

Paul McCartney será homenajeado por el Kennedy Center

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Sir Paul McCartney será honrado por el Kennedy Center por su contribución a la cultura americana.

El premio será presentado por la secretaria de Estado, Hillary Clinton, el 5 de diciembre y al día siguiente habrá un evento de gala en la Casa Blanca con el presidente Obama. Además de McCartney también serán galardonados Oprah Winfrey, Merle Haggard, el compositor Jerry Herman y el coreógrafo Bill T. Jones.

El presidente del Kennedy Center, David M. Rubenstein, dijo que “Sir Paul es uno de los cantautores y músicos más influyentos y exitosos de todos los tiempos, cuyo trabajo continuamente ha cambiado la creación y percepción de la música en todo el mundo”.