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Kiss + Motley Crue THE TOUR at Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ. 9/19/12 Concert Review

When your expectations are too high for anything you always get disappointed. Well, I couldn’t have any higher expectation about THE TOUR featuring MOTLEY CRUE and KISS and it didn’t disappointed me.

First of all it’s remarkable to talk about the opener band: The Treatment. It’s a UK band that really showed how to kick ass and pulled a straight no bullshit rock act.  They sounded like a mix between UFO, Thin Lizzy and Def Leppard. If anyone has a chance go see them. It’s a TripperRecomendation.

Motley Crue from the entrance made the big impact, having a clock on the screen of the stage till they came out and started their setlist with Saints of Los Angeles. After the first song Vince Neil introduced his new boots that he has to use because of the injury he suffered a few days ago.

The show had everything you expect on a Motley Crue concert: Girls dancing and flying around, lots of lights, Tommy’s Rollercoaster, Blood Buckets, and insane fireworks. Definitely one of the best stage the band have ever had.

The new song SEX was an instant hit with Camden’s crowd. Many were singing along the chorus and headbanging during the song. After their new hit they continued doing their classics as Don’t Go Away Mad, their obligatory power ballad Home Sweet Home, and at the end of the show it couldn’t miss their three biggest songs: Dr. Feelgood, Girls, Girls, Girls, and Kickstart My Heart.

You can easily notice that Vince Neil have a big problem getting to sing his songs he made 30 years ago. His voice is getting rough and for some fast paced singing he avoids some of the lyrics.

Tommy Lee did his famous Rollercoaster Drum Solo. Seriously is amazing what Tommy does, but not musically. The solo was playing drums behind some Dubstep music and finished with Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Roller Coaster. The only impressive thing about it is how he plays upside down. Instead of Tommy Lee Drum Solo they should called that act the Tommy Lee Drum Show.

Anyway, the show was great and delivered to the fans what they wanted to see.


  1. Saints of Los Angeles 
  2. Wild Side 
  3. Shout at the Devil 
  4. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.) 
  5. Sex 
  6. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) 
  7. Home Sweet Home 
  9. Guitar Solo 
  10. Live Wire
  11. Primal Scream 
  12. Dr. Feelgood
  13. Girls, Girls, Girls 
  14. Kickstart My Heart 

Kiss came down from a riser with the sound of Detroit Rock City following by Shout It Out Loud. By then they had their massive screen with the KISS Logo on lights. After I Love It Loud, Gene came out with his sword in flames to make his classic fire spitting trick.

Since the new Kiss album, Monster, is coming to the stores in a couple of weeks, Paul didn’t wasted time and promoted his album and playing their new single, Hell or Hallelujah. Later on, Tommy “Ace’d” the show shooting some fire from his guitar and performed Shock me, which is an Ace Frehley song. At the end of the song Tommy and Eric jammed.

The band continued doing their signature show that includes the blood spit of gene, him flying and playing God of Thunder from atop the rafters, Paul Flying across the crowd and playing in a back of the seating area solo stage, and you know the show is over when Paul smashes his guitar. It is pretty much the same show they have been performing since the 70s.

Because it was one of the final dates of the tour they played Strutter at the encore which was a surprise because that song was a big miss in the whole tour. Then the big celebration with confetti falling all over the crowd ended the show with Rock and Roll all Nite.

Having such a big band supporting like Motley Crue doesn’t gives Kiss the time to play most of everybody’s favorites like Deuce, Beth, Calling Dr Love, I Was Made For Loving You, and many more that you can think about. It was still one hell of a concert and cant wait for the next tour of both bands.

People wanted the best and they got the best.


  1. Detroit Rock City 
  2. Shout It Out Loud 
  3. I Love It Loud 
  4. Firehouse (Gene spits fire)
  5. Hell or Hallelujah 
  6. War Machine 
  7. Shock Me (Tommy and Eric jam)
  8. Bass Solo (Gene spits blood and flies)
  9. God of Thunder(Gene plays from atop the rafters)
  10. Love Gun (Paul on solo stage at rear of seating area)
  11. Lick It Up (Won’t Get Fooled Again … more)
  12. Black Diamond(with short Paul guitar solo)


  1. Strutter 
  2. Rock and Roll All Nite 

New KISS book to focus on early years

Guitarist Ace Frehley’s autobiography, “No Regrets,” is due this November, while drummer Peter Criss’ memoirs are due in 2012.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a third KISS book will be published in the summer of 2012 by IT Books, an imprint of Harper Collins..

KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are collaborating with rock journalist Ken Sharp on “Nothin’ To Lose,” an oral history of the band’s early years, from its founding in 1973 to the 1975 release of its breakout concert album “Alive!”

The book will include interviews with bandmates Criss and Frehley, and many rockers of the era, among others…as well as never-before-published photographs.

“KISS is one of the most beloved and influential hard rock bands of the last forty years,” says IT Books Editor Denise Oswald. “What is particularly fascinating about this project is about how the band got off the ground, how they came up with the concept of who they were that so defined them and captured the love and imagination of all of their fans. It’s also an amazing depiction of New York in the early seventies – its Manhattan, its Queens, you have members of the Ramones, members of Blue Oyster Cult, touring with and playing with KISS. You really get this incredible portrait of a time.”

Simmons and Stanley founded KISS in 1973 following the breakup of their previous band, Wicked Lester. Criss and Frehley were added to the lineup and the band started a cycle of writing music and rehearsing day and night before doing live shows. While the first three KISS albums failed to sell well, the band was gaining a reputation as a must-see live act, especially due to the theatrics and raucous stage show. KISS’ big breakthrough came in 1975 with the release of the double-album “Alive!,” which featured the band’s first top-40 hit in the live version of “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

The rest…is KISStory.

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30th Anniversary MTV !! Remember when MTV actually showed Music Videos?? Watch the first hour here and top 5 moments (Video)

mtv moon

MTV, the network that started the concept of  “music television,” turned 30 years old today! Its kind of a silent celebration we have since the channel have changed so much. But almost as soon as it first launched, they changed the music world and industry dramatically.

Here’s the classic first hour of MTV as it aired at 12:01 AM on August 1, 1981.

Ladies and Gentleman… ROCK N ROLL!

And our TOP 5 MOMENT
5. Beavis and Butthead – Frog Baseball (First B&B Episode)

4. Unmasking Kiss (1983) Kiss reveal themselves without makeup for the very first time

3. Remote Control with Red Hot Chili Peppers

2. Headbangers Ball Guns N Roses

1. Death of Kurt Cobain


What is your Favorite MTV moment?


Tommy Thayer: New Kiss album to be heavier

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer says the band’s next album is shaping up as more “riff-oriented” and slightly heavier than 2009’s Sonic Boom. Speaking to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania’s The Express-Times, Thayer also revealed that Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and company have already cut eight songs for the forthcoming disc.

“It’s going phenomenally,” said Thayer. “We’ve been in the studio for several weeks. This is definitely some of the best stuff KISS has ever recorded.”

Thayer, who still considers himself the “new guy” in the band, went on to say the album will mark another step in KISS’s effort to recapture their vintage sound. “The idea [with Sonic Boom] was to create a classic KISS record going back to the roots of the early records, and really try and capture that vibe,” he said. “I think we did and then some. On this record, we’re taking that to the next step.”

The yet-to-be-titled album is tentatively slated for release in early 2012. KISS is currently in the middle of a North American summer tour.

Kiss piensa sacar nuevo álbum en el 2011

Fuente: Rolling Stone mx

Los integrantes de Kiss planean regresar al estudio de grabaciones el próximo mes de marzo y esperan que ese material esté listo a finales de año.

Tommy Thayer, guitarrista de la banda, declaró: “Ya empezamos a trabajar en algunas canciones, tendremos el mismo enfoque que en Sonic Boom y lo mantendremos todo dentro de la banda, en cuanto a la composición, con ninguna otra agenda más que escribir grandes canciones de rock and roll. Luego las ensayaremos antes de grabarlas”.

Al igual que en Sonic Boom, su disco pasado, Paul Stanley será el productor. “Paul sabe más que nadie como debería sonar un disco de Kiss, y para ser honesto producirá el disco de nueva cuenta. Estamos muy emocionados por ello”, comentó Thayer. “Estoy seguro que habrá un nuevo álbum de Kiss en algún momento de este año”, finalizó.

Crónicas de un año viejo. GENE SIMMONS

Por: Joel Ceballos

Este no es un post acerca de Gene Simmons en Ecuador quemando año viejo ni mucho menos. Es sobre el año viejo de Kiss ubicado en el centro de la ciudad de Guayaquil que llego a los ojos del mundo en el fan site oficial de Kiss en Facebook.  Link aqui



I took this picture in Guayaquil, Ecuador.This is an “ano viejo”…. every year the poor people make special sculptures to give thanks to the past year. They burn it at midnight the first of January! The experience is incredible!

Enjoy it!
Allan Jeffs

Gracias Allan Jeffs por hacer llegar esta noticia al fan site oficial de Kiss, espero que hallas disfrutado de un año nuevo diferente en Ecuador.

Despues de los rumores del posible tour latinoamericano de la banda y las negociaciones con Team Producciones, siento que cada dia está mas cerca la posibilidad de tener a “The hottest band on Earth” y disfrutar del mejor show del mundo en la mitad del mundo.

Viernes de Bio – KISS

Con toda la especulación creada por el posible tour latinoamericano de Kiss dentro de la gira “THE HOTTEST SHOW ON EARTH TOUR” , he decido hacer mi primera biografia de la banda estadounidense KISS.

Kiss es un grupo estadounidense de hard rock, formado en la ciudad de Nueva York en el año 1973. Se caracterizan por el uso de maquillaje con personajes de terror o de cómic y su puesta en escena extravagante.

Mientras otros artistas como Alice Cooper y David Bowie representaban el rock de una manera teatral, Kiss fueron aún más lejos en la vertiente circense y autoparódica del rock. En base a sus actuaciones en vivo y grandes espectáculos, escupiendo sangre y fuego, guitarras humeantes y diversa pirotécnia, Kiss fue todo un fenómeno de ventas y popularidad en los ’70, revolucionando los espectáculos de Rock, siendo considerada la banda más popular de EE.UU. en esa década.

Kiss ha vendido en EEUU más de 85 millones de álbumes, y en el mundo sus ventas superan los 200 millones de álbumes.

La banda original estaba conformada por Gene Simmons (bajo y voz), Paul Stanley (guitarra rítmica y voz), Ace Frehley (guitarra líder y voz) y Peter Criss (batería y voz). Con su composición y trajes, ellos asumieron los personajes de The Demon “El Demonio” (Simmons), Starchild “El Chico Estrella” (Stanley), Spaceman “El Hombre del Espacio” (Frehley), y The Cat “El Gato” (Criss). Debido a los problemas de abuso de sustancias y diferencias con los líderes, Criss abandonó Kiss en 1980 durante la grabación del álbum Unmasked y Frehley estaba fuera del grupo a principios del 1983. Las ventas comerciales de la banda también habían menguado considerablemente en ese momento.

En 1983, Kiss abandonó su composición y disfrutó un resurgimiento comercial a lo largo del resto de la década. Manteniéndose a flote por una ola de nostalgia hacia Kiss en los años noventa, la banda anunció una reunión de la formación original  en 1996. Sin embargo, Criss abandonó la banda en enero de 2001 y Ace Frehley en marzo. Un año después Peter Criss regresó a la banda para grabar Kiss Symphony: Alive IV, abandonándola nuevamente en 2004, siendo reemplazados por Eric Singer y Tommy Thayer respectivamente, mientras Stanley y Simmons han seguido siendo los únicos dos miembros constantes.

Los otros Ex-Personajes de Kiss

El 9 de agosto de 1995, graban el disco Mtv Unplugged, donde la formación original se reúne para tocar cuatro canciones, a lo que los fanáticos responden de muy buena manera.

Luego, en 1998 editan el disco Psycho Circus, pero sus ventas no fueron las esperadas. La última gira de la banda se llamó “Rock The Nation”, En dicha gira sacaron a la venta el álbum en vivo Symphony: Alive IV, con la Orquesta Sinfónica de Melbourne. “Kiss Symphony: Alive IV” .

Más de diez años después de su último álbum de estudio, y tras años de negación acerca de cada vez que desee hacer un nuevo álbum, Stanley y Simmons, cambiaron de opinión y lanzaron el álbum “Sonic Boom”

Sonic Boom debutó en el chart americano en segundo puesto y primero en discos y/o bandas de hard rock. El single promocional es “Modern Day Delilah”, compuesto e interpretado por Paul Stanley.

The Hottest Show On Earth

Actualmente la banda está girando por Norteamérica con su Tour The Hottest Show On Earth que tuvo inicio el 22 de Julio de 2010 pasando por todos los Estados Unidos hasta el 29 de Septiembre de 2010, también agregaron 3 fechas en México el 1, 2 y 4 de Octubre…en las ciudades de Guadalajara, Mexico DF y Monterrey, hacía 6 años que la banda no pasaba por México y es la primera vez que tocan en 3 ciudades, ya que siempre tocaban sólo en Mexico DF.

Obviamente con los shows de México comenzaron los rumores de que habría una gira Sudamericana, todavía no ha sido desmentido ni confirmado…

Setlist del Tour “Hottest Show on Earth”

  1. “Modern Day Delilah
  2. “Cold Gin”
  3. “Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll”
  4. “Firehouse” (Gene escupe fuego)
  5. “Say Yeah”
  6. “Deuce”
  7. “Crazy Crazy Nights”
  8. “Calling Dr. Love”
  9. “Shock Me”
  10. “I’m An Animal”
  11. “100,000 Years”
  12. “I Love It Loud” (Gene hace show de sangre)
  13. “Love Gun”
  14. “Black Diamond”
  15. “Detroit Rock City”


  1. “Beth”
  2. “Lick It Up”
  3. “Shout It Out Loud”
  4. “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” (Paul vuela hacia un mini escenario)
  5. “God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to You II”
  6. “Rock and Roll All Nite”