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Dream Theater’s John Petrucci Talks New Album, Rush and Yes

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci says that the band’s new album, A Dramatic Turn of Events, stays true to the group’s initial concept. He talked to Revolver magazine about the record, which is due out September 13.

“It’s everything that makes Dream Theater what it is. It’s all our elements – metal elements, progressive elements, melodic elements, and all the playing and fusion elements we’ve always had. I try to stay pure to the initial conception of our band; we’re a progressive band and we’re a metal band, mixed.”

Petrucci spoke about a couple of his biggest influences.

“My favorite bands growing up were Yes and Rush so “Hemispheres,” “Close to the Edge” “And You and I” – those big, dramatic songs are a huge part of what we do, married with the metal sound and melodic sound that makes us unique,” he said.

He also discussed the break with drummer Mike Portnoy. A Dramatic Turn of Events is the first Dream Theater album to feature new percussionist Mike Mangini, following Portnoy’s departure.

“I love Mike. We’ve known each other for so long… I met him when I was, what, 17? We went to Berklee [College Of Music] together. We went through everything. He’s an awesome guy,” he said. “It was a heartbreaking chapter in our lives, but it’s just one of those things in life where there’s a big change, and you don’t expect it, and what matters is the way you face that change. You can embrace it or you can run from it. We just chose to move on.”