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Cheap Trick’s stage collapses in Ottawa. Big loss in equipment

Cheap Trick manager Dave Frey reports the band are grateful to have escaped the stage collapse at Sunday at  Ottawa Bluesfest unharmed. However, their truck driver was injured, and the band’s equipment is a total loss.

“Everything is gone,’ Frey tells Rolling Stone. ‘The gear is crushed and it’s soaked.  We’re trying to get gear set up for our show tomorrow in Buffalo.” The truck driver, for whom we only have a first name (Sandy), reportedly has an abdomen injury and a cracked femur.

According to Frey, the storm didn’t look so bad right up until the moment the wind gust that knocked over the stage hit. “I was actually on stage behind the drummer and I was taking a few pictures right before it happened. The air was still and it was humid and then out of nowhere, this wind hit that was just huge.”

Of course, everyone’s very lucky things didn’t turn out much worse. “We are so thankful,” Frey states before demonstrating that the band’s trademark sense of humor and style seems to be very much intact: “Do you know where we can rent a five-neck guitar?”