8/2/2013 Black Sabbath @ Jiffy Lube Live Concert review

Black Sabbath, Bristow VA, photo by Cameron Vaughan Porter

Black Sabbath, Bristow VA, photo by Cameron Vaughan Porter

After hearing many people saying their reasons why not go to the show, like Ozzy can’t sing no more, Bill Ward is not on the drums. They are too old and don’t sound as good as they did, and more. I just wanted to prove all these people wrong and sure I did because Ozzy may not move to much on stage, but hell he can sing, and when he moves, it will take a laughter out of you. It is also true that Bill Ward is not on the drums anymore and without him the Black Sabbath reunion was never going to be a real reunion, but Tommy Clufetos performed amazingly through the whole show including his killer drum solo that created the biggest ovation from the crowd during the 2 hours of concert. And well, they might be old but they rocked harder than many young bands full of energy. Remember Black Sabbath is the reason why they play and sound like they do.

Set List

  1. War Pigs
  2. Into the Void
  3. Under the Sun
  4. Snowblind
  5. Age of Reason
  6. Black Sabbath
  7. Behind the Wall of Sleep
  8. Basically / N.I.B.
  9. End of the Beginning
  10. Fairies Wear Boots
  11. Methademic
  12. Rat Salad
  13. Drum Solo
  14. Iron Man
  15. God is Dead?
  16. Dirty Women
  17. Children of the Grave
  18. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Intro / Paranoid  (Encore)

The sound of the sirens is the notice that War Pigs is beginning and got all the people who were in the sides of the venue getting  beer or eating something to run and not miss anything from this show. War Pigs is such and anthem to Sabbath fans that anyone in the crowd will be singing the lyrics and so they did. the whole first verse of the song was a duet between Ozzy and the crowd. Ozzy will be singing “Generals gathered in their masses” and let the crowd sing followed the next line singing “Just like witches at black masses” and so on till the end of the verse. The connection between the the band and the crowd is what makes a concert memorable.

I have always been a fan of Geezer, as the backbone of Sabbath you can feel his powerful presence in the band. You don’t need to wait till NIB so you can see him kill the bass. he always do and during the whole concert his performance was outstanding. Despite being in one of the most influential bands of all time I believe that Geezer is an underrated bass player. He deserves more attention as a musician. he is not a flashy player but he can kick ass by doing it.

Tony Iommi was on his usual consistent all the way during the concert. we all know he has been through some bad moments of his life lately with the development of his cancer, but as Ozzy said “He is Iron Man.” he performed as everyone expected from the guitar god he is. His killer riffs made everyone move their head at the rhythm of his strings.

And there is a very special mention in this review to Tommy Clufetos. He is definitely not Bill Ward, but he is Tommy Clufetos and he played Tommy Clufetos way. His power behind the drums felt amazing and Black Sabbath with his drumming bonded perfectly. His Drum solo was amazing. I’ve seen many drummers perform their solos live, from Tommy Lee to Neil Peart, and I got to say that this one is one of the best ones I have ever seen live. The crowd reacted awesome during his solo and he also made people interact with ovations from the crowd every time he putted his drumsticks up.

Overall the show was totally memorable and I feel proud i got to see Metal Gods Black Sabbath perform live. In the future I don’t think i will have another opportunity to see them live and being my first one and probably and sadly the last one, I am glad the show was better than my expectations. Black Sabbath blew mi mind musically the first time I heard them as a kid, and totally kicked ass seeing them live as an adult.

Image from Tommy Clufetos Instagram Account

Image from Tommy Clufetos Instagram Account

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