Foo Fighters Concert Review: Dave Grohl is the best frontman of rock and roll. Philadelphia 11/10/11

Get a little bit of Robert Plant, with some of the audience control of Freddie Mercury and you have Dave Grohl’s performance on stage. (not saying his voice is as the others mentioned).

Foo Fighters putted on a mind blowing show and an experience that I recommend to anyone who has the oportunity of seeing the band live. Foo’s live performance of Old School Rock and Roll in its most simple and purest way.

I’ve never seen so much energy from one person in my entire life, for over two hours he played guitar, sang, shouted, ran, jumped, and never stopped moving during his show.

The show opened their doors at 6 PM after a freezing wait in the GA line on a cold Phillie day.

7 PM light out, The Joy Formidable got into the stage, the trio made a great 30 minutes show, for me it was absolutely new, i had never heard them before and now I wanna get their record! the energy of Ritzy Brian (Guitar/lead singer) reminded me of a Courtney Love kind of show. cool thing to see before the foos.

The second band got the stage 7:45 and started a one hour show. they need no introduction. Social Distortion, the old american punk band performed some of their classic songs such as Bad Luck, Story of my life, Dont drag me down, and finished with Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire, which made the audience sang their hearts out.

The lights went on again and later went out again! here comes the Foo Fighters!

The band introduced the concert with a set of wasting light! Bridge Burning and Rope, followed by The Pretender and Foo’s Classic My Hero. Grohl said early in the show: “We don’t do one of those little rock shows that last an hour and 45 minutes. We don’t do one of those little rock shows that last two hours; not that shit, either. Basically, we play till we want to fucking puke. Is that OK with you?”

the band continued playing all of their hits and the songs you expect to hear in a foo fighters concert! there was a lot of talking between Dave and the audience.

The band took a break after 2 hours of headbanging, jumping, runing, singing and screaming! During the break the stage screens showed a backstage camera where Dave Grohl discussed with the audience how many songs are they going to play on the encore. 2 more songs?? NOOOOO ok 3? MAKE IT 4!!! and Taylor Hawkins did 6 with the fingers! the audience really enjoyed that moment.

the encore began when Grohl emerged on the raised platform at the back of the arena for a solo acoustic set. “For the last two hours, you’ve had the (crappy) seats,” Grohl said to the fans in the back of the arena. “Guess who has the (crappy seats) now?”

He opened his solo set with “Wheels,” a song that he said was huge in Germany. During the song he made a deal with the crowd — if they sang loud enough on the chorus, the band would play the Electric Factory during their next visit to Philadelphia. The crowd passed the test. “See you at the Fucking Electric Factory,” Grohl promised.

The solo set continued with “Best of You,” and then Grohl began strumming the Beatles’ “Blackbird,” before stopping and admitting: “This fucking shit is hard. That’s why Paul McCartney is Paul McCartney. Rule No. 1: never do a song that’s better than any of your own songs.” Nevertheless, Grohl effectively played the first verse of the song.

He then began “Times Like These” acoustically before rejoining the rest of the band on stage, finishing the song with a full-on rock version. The rest of the encore included “Dear Rosemary” and Tom Petty’s “Breakdown,” both with Mould, and a show-closing “Everlong.”

the 24 song show was a night ill remember all my life. Foo Fighters is definitely a Band you have to see performing live. Is the Best Modern Rock Band and anybody who tries to argue with me about that they will lose the debate.


Dave’s Stage presence, he does all the rock and roll movements, including Chuck Berry’s duck walk.
Chris Shiflett Duel Solo VS Dave
In The Flesh (Pink Floyd Cover)
Stage Lights and Video

After the show you will feel more energetic than before.

Foo Fighters proved that they are the best purely rock and roll live show

Set List:
1. “Bridge Burning”
2. “Rope”
3. “The Pretender”
4. “My Hero”
5. “Learn to Fly”
6. “White Limo”
7. “Arlandria”
8. “Breakout”
9. “Cold Day in the Sun” (Taylor Hawkins on lead vocals)
10. “Stacked Actors”
11. “Walk”
12. “Monkey Wrench”
13. “Let it Die”
14. “These Days”
15. “This is A Call”
16. “In the Flesh?” (Pink Floyd cover)
17. “All My Life”
18. “Wheels” (Dave Grohl solo acoustic)
19. “Best of You” (Dave Grohl solo acoustic)
20. “Blackbird” (Beatles cover, Dave Grohl solo acoustic, one verse)
21. “Times Like These” (Dave Grohl solo acoustic, into full band)
22. “Dear Rosemary” (with Bob Mould)
23. “Breakdown” (Tom Petty cover, with Bob Mould)
24. “Everlong”


3 responses

  1. Great review! We just saw them in DC, and it was exactly as you stated for Philly (with the substitution that Dave promised to play the 9:30 Club — i guess the Foos will be doing a small venues tour, lol.) We had the added knowledge of knowing exactly where “Arlandria” is 🙂

    11/14/2011 at 9:50 am

  2. dennis

    Is this a review or a love letter to your favorite band? I have seen the Foo Fighters live and they put on a hell of a show but to claim Grohl is the best frontman and the Foo Fighters are the best modern rock band is ridiculous. I suggest you see My Morning Jacket, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Soundgarden before making this assertion.

    11/18/2011 at 9:45 am

  3. Very quickly this web site will be famous among all blog people, due to it’s fastidious articles or reviews

    05/26/2014 at 6:51 pm

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