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Tommy Thayer: New Kiss album to be heavier

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer says the band’s next album is shaping up as more “riff-oriented” and slightly heavier than 2009’s Sonic Boom. Speaking to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania’s The Express-Times, Thayer also revealed that Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and company have already cut eight songs for the forthcoming disc.

“It’s going phenomenally,” said Thayer. “We’ve been in the studio for several weeks. This is definitely some of the best stuff KISS has ever recorded.”

Thayer, who still considers himself the “new guy” in the band, went on to say the album will mark another step in KISS’s effort to recapture their vintage sound. “The idea [with Sonic Boom] was to create a classic KISS record going back to the roots of the early records, and really try and capture that vibe,” he said. “I think we did and then some. On this record, we’re taking that to the next step.”

The yet-to-be-titled album is tentatively slated for release in early 2012. KISS is currently in the middle of a North American summer tour.


Dave Mustaine Reveals Megadeth’s New Album Details

Dave Mustaine has spilled a few details on the new Megadeth album, starting with its superstitious title, 13. The album was recorded in Mustaine’s Vic’s Garage studio in San Marcos, California with producer Johnny K (Sevendust, Disturbed, Staind). Artist John Lorenzi, who worked on United Abominations, Endgame and Warchest with the band, will provide the cover art.

As for the album title, Mustaine told Rock Radio DJ Tom Russell it was an auspicious number.

“I started playing guitar at 13 and this is our 13th record and I was born on the 13th,” he said. “As soon as I said I was going to call it 13, I started noticing 13 everywhere. They never used to have 13th floors in hotels, but now they have them again!”

13 is tentatively scheduled for release this November.

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Chickenfoot’s new album teaser

Chickenfoot fans are expecting the new single from the band’s sophomore album, “Chickenfoot III,” sometime this month…but the band has jump-started the anticipation by sharing a short tease of something from the new disc.

The :33 clip doesn’t give up much – there’s only a hint of Sammy Hagar’s vocals to be heard – but the music sure does sound like the ‘Foot.

Earlier this week, Chickenfoot announced a new, exclusive deal with eOne Music to distribute the record in North America.

“Chickenfoot is one of the top-selling hard rock groups in the country,”said eOne Music President Alan Grunblatt. “Everyone at eOne is thrilled to be working with them.”

“I am very happy to join forces with eOne,” added Sammy. “The FOOT has landed!”


Motorhead’s Wurzel dies of heart failure

Former Motorhead guitarist Wurzel has died of heart failure at the age of 61.

Wurzel, real name Michael Burston, joined Lemmy’s outfit in 1984 and appeared on nine albums before leaving in 1995.

He got his nickname while serving in the British Army as a corporal, when colleagues compared his appearance and character to kids’ TV scarecrow Worzel Gummidge.

He was already 35 years old and working as a builder when he sent a demo tape to Lemmy following the departure of Brian “Robbo” Robertson from the band. That led to an audition and the end of his pub-rock hobby.


When he arrived with fellow recruit Phil Campbell he extended Motorhead’s lineup to four members. Their first public appearance together was on the cult alternative sitcom The Young Ones. His debut Motorhead album was 1984′s No Remorse for which he was lead co-writer for the single Killed By Death; and he contributed to Orgasmatron, Rock’n’Roll, No Sleep At All, The Birthday Party, 1916, March or Die, Bastards then finally Sacrifice in 1995.

When he left Campbell remained, and with drummer Mikkey Dee makes up the three-piece outfit who have remained together ever since.

His unlikely rise to success and his light-hearted nature made him a fast fan favourite. Even after a series of disagreements with Lemmy over business matters led to his departure, the two remained firm friends and he was often seen on stage guesting with his former colleagues. His last appearance was in 2009.

Frontman Lemmy’s bass tech Tim Butcher says: “RIP Wurzel, a great guitarist and a complete gent. We will miss you. We’ll have a drink for him.”

Wurzel was suffering from cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle which often leads to the organ’s failure.

He was recording an album with his new band Leader of Down before his death.

Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd arrested on suspicion of armed robbery

Band replace Mic for remaining tour dates after he’s arrested minutes before a show on suspicion of holding up drugstore

He’s said to have entered a branch of the Waldgreens chain in Attleboro, Massachusetts, just before 1pm local time. It’s reported he showed a pharmacist a message on his phone which claimed a bomb would be detonated if they didn’t hand over an amount of prescription painkillers.

The thief left the premises with six bottles of pills and hired a cab. Police investigation suggested the vehicle in question had taken the suspect to the tour bus area of the Comcast Center in nearby Mansfield, where Coheed and Cambria were preparing to support Soundgarden.

Police officers arrested him just minutes before the band were set to hit the stage. He was identified as the suspect by store staff, the cab driver and by CCTV footage.

The band says in a statement: “Michael Todd was arrested today on what we consider very serious charges, and therefore he will not be finishing up the current tour.

“Wes Styles, long-time member of the Coheed family, will take on bass duties starting tomorrow for the remaining dates. No shows will be cancelled.

“We are surprised to say the least – and we will address the situation with Michael after the tour. For now, we just want to have a great time out here and finish with some killer shows.”

Todd, 30, has a history of substance abuse and left the band for a year in 2006 in an attempt to deal with heroin addiction.

He will appear in Attleboro District Court today and is being held on $10,000 bail.

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Happy Birthday Ringo!

“Peace and love, peace and love.” That’ll be the message Ringo Starr has for the world this Thursday on his 71st birthday and he hopes they’ll have it, too. As he has for the past few years, Starr plans to make public his trademark call of “peace and love” as a birthday event.

The former Beatles drummer will appear at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hamburg, Germany, where he and the All-Starr Band are in the middle of their summer tour. Starr, wife Barbara Bach, friends and fans will appear at noon local time to say “peace and love” and spread the word. Starr hopes fans will join in by saying it out loud, tweeting it or simply thinking the words at noon wherever they are.

The custom had its origins in 2008 when he was asked during an interview “What would you like for your coming birthday?” His answer was “More peace and love.” On July 7, 2008, Ringo and wife Barbara Bach were joined by fans on the streets of Chicago in front of the Hard Rock Hotel to show the “peace and “love” salute.

A little present from The Day Tripper to Ringo


Flea: “I didn’t think I’d want to continue the band without him(Frusciante)”

In a new interview centered on Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ upcoming album, ‘I’m With You,’ bassist Flea admits that he initially thought it might be best to break up the band than continue on after guitarist John Frusciante left the group.

However, once the initial shock of Frusciante’s departure wore off, Flea says his passion for the band won over in the end. “[Frusciante] just gave us so much as a songwriter, as a player, as a human being … and I didn’t think I’d want to continue the band without him,” divulges Flea in an interview with Stereogum. “[However] I just felt so much love for the band, and love for [singer] Anthony [Kiedis], I just wanted to keep doing it.”

Once RHCP decided to continue on, Flea was the one who approached Josh Klinghoffer to replace Frusciante. “We still sound like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it’s really a lot different,” explains Flea. “Josh is a very textural, poetic, and sublime musician, and just comes at it from a different angle than anything that we’ve had before. So, we’re just reacting to him, and it makes us play different, so we’re just going a different way, and it’s great.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers will release ‘I’m with You’ on Aug. 30. The band has scheduled a number of overseas tour dates, which kick off with an Aug. 9 show in Hong Kong.

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Noel Gallagher Announces New Albums & Reason For Oasis Split

Noel Gallagher has revealed that brother Liam “nearly took his face off” with a guitar on the night he quit the band.

Noel walked out on Oasis in August 2009 after a fierce argument backstage at the Rock En Seine festival in Paris and has now revealed that after a storming row, brother Liam came back into the band’s dressing room and was “wielding a guitar like an axe.”

Speaking earlier today at a press conference, Gallagher said of the incident: “He’d gone into his private dressing room and he’d picked up this guitar. He came back in and he was wielding it about like an axe. He was quite violent. At that point there was no physical violence but there was a lot of World Wrestling Federation stuff. It was an unnecessarily violent act and he nearly took my face off.”

Gallagher also responded to a question about whether he’d left Oasis as he’d achieved everything he wanted by saying: “I hadn’t had enough of Oasis, I’d had enough of Liam.”

The guitarist added that he regretted walking out on the band in the way he did, because he now believed they could have stayed together after a long break.

He added: “We only had two gigs left. I wish we’d done those gigs, gone away, gone on hiatus and done our own thing and maybe it wouldn’t have happened. But then Liam always said he would bring down Armageddon eventually.”

Gallagher also said that relations with his brother were still not good, adding: Liamdoesn’t like me. I don’t get on with him but he doesn’t like me in a very violent way. I did everyone a favour when I left.”

And what of Liam’s response to all this? Well, after last night’s comment from the stage at Camden’s Roundhouse (“Are you ready for the party political broadcast tomorrow? Are you? Well, we like rock ‘n’ roll”) he sent out a one-word tweet this afternoon. It simply reads: ‘SHITBAG’

Noel announced earlier today that he will release two solo albums over the next 12 months. The first, which is titled ‘Noel Gallagher And The High Flying Birds’, is out on October 17.

Musicians appearing on the records include ex-Oasis keyboard player Mike RoweThe Lemon Trees‘ Jeremy Stacey and American percussionist Lenny Castro, best known for playing on records by The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and Elton John.



Here’s the full tracklisting for …High Flying Birds:

Everybody’s On The Run
Dream On
If I Had A Gun…
The Death Of You And Me
(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
Aka… What A Life!
Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks
Aka… Broken Arrow
(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
Stop The Clocks

Noel Gallagher will begin his next UK tour in Dublin on October 23.

You’ll be able to view the entire press conference via later today.

And what of Liam’s response to all this? Well, after last night’s comment from the stage at Camden’s Roundhouse (“Are you ready for the party political broadcast tomorrow? Are you? Well, we like rock ‘n’ roll”) he sent out a one-word tweet this afternoon. It simply reads: ‘SHITBAG’

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RHCP new album cover revealed

The Album Cover for The Red Hot Chili Peppers new album, I’m With You has just been sent out via’s Newsletter! The Cover art for RHCP’s New Album, I’m With You is designed by British Artist Damien Hirst and features a fly on a pink and white capsule pill which has the text, ‘I’m With You’ printed on its side.

I’m With You by The Red Hot Chili Peppers is released on August 30th 2011. RHCP’s debut single, The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie makes its radio debut on July 18th!

The Mars Volta debuts three new songs live (Video)

While there haven’t been any official announcements regarding The Mars Volta’s upcoming LP yet, the band is currently on tour, premiering live versions of their new songs, and we’ve got the scoop for you.

Back in March, the group tried out some material under the name “Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group”, and we showed you three new jams (NocturniquetThe Whip Hands and Jacob Jam). Now, however, the Volta are touring Europe under their real name, making official debuts of songs to be on their sixth album – and they sound pretty fucking great so far. Here are three of them:

I’m Not Running Away (previously known as Aegis):

Trinkets Pale The Room (previously known as Moon):

Walk The Plank (previously known as Molochwalk):

The Mars Volta are set to tour the US later this month, supporting Soundgarden.

Def Leppard’s photo book THE DEFINITE VISUAL HISTORY

For over 30 years, Def Leppard have served up rock anthems to legions of fans, tallying over 65 million album sales worldwide. Now, legendary rock journalist Ross Halfin is giving fans a glimpse inside the machine that createdPyromania and Hysteria with his new book, Def Leppard: The Definitive Visual History. The 232-page tome covers the history of the band, from their early days on the Sheffield club scene to 21st Century, globe-spanning arena tours.

Def Leppard: The Definitive Visual History goes on sale July 5. Joe Elliott and company have just released a video preview, featured below.

Radiohead Stream New King of Limbs Remixes

Radiohead are planning to release a series of remixes of the group’s latest album, The King of Limbs. The releases are set to begin today and are available for purchase on limited edition 12-inch vinyl and as digital downloads.

The first batch of remixes, re-workings of “Little by Little” by Caribou and “Lotus Flower” by Jacques Greene, are currently streaming on

The remix series will continue throughout the year, so stay tuned for further announcements.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Working on New Album

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Lynyrd Skynyrd are hard at work on crafting a new album. Frontman Johnny Van Zant discussed the progress the band have made with

“We’re getting about to the end of the writing part,” Van Zant said, pointing out the familiar terrain of the new material. “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. We write about things that we’ve done or things that have happened to people around us. It’s for the common people, people who have made this great country of ours. That’s what the heck I say we always write about.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd will begin recording the album, which will be the group’s follow-up to 2009’s God & Guns, this fall.

“It looks like we’re going to push it back to November because we’re gonna go out and do some more shows with ZZ [Top],” Van Zant said. “It’s a good year so far; everybody’s healthy and we’re getting a lot of work. So we’ll probably take to it in November and then probably take off the middle and latter half of December and come back in January and finish it off.”

SOUNDGARDEN Kicked off their first tour since “13,14” years

Reunited Seattle grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN kicked off their first full-fledged tour in 14 years Saturday, July 2  at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Welcome to the first show of the first tour in 13, 14 years,” said vocalist Chris Cornell before adding, “This is the best place to start. It sounds like bullshit, but it’s not bullshit.”

The band’s setlist was as follows:

01. Black Rain
02. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
03. Spoonman
04. Gun
05. Rusty Cage
06. Blow Up the Outside World
07. Let Me Drown
08. Jesus Christ Pose
09. My Wave
10. The Day I Tried to Live
11. Outshined
12. Beyond the Wheel
13. Fell on Black Days
14. Ugly Truth
15. Burden in My Hand
16. Superunknown
17. Black Hole Sun
18. 4th of July


19. Face Pollution
20. Like Suicide
21. Slaves & Bulldozers

Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below.

SOUNDGARDEN‘s current tour is scheduled to wrap up on July 30 in George, Washington. The band has played only a handful of dates since reuniting in early 2010, and drummer Matt Cameron told The Pulse Of Radio he hopes to dig deep into their catalog on this run of shows. “I think that’d be great, to be able to play a large variety of songs from our catalog, you know, ’cause some of my favorite songs are like kind of the ’80s era of SOUNDGARDEN, kind of the earlier, kind of New Wavier stuff. I really like that era of the group, so hopefully, you know, we can delve even farther into it.”


SOUNDGARDEN reunited last year and issued its first concert set in March, titled “Live On I5”. The disc was recorded on a West Coast tour shortly before the group disbanded in 1997.

Foo Fighters joined by Alice Cooper, Queen’s Roger Taylor at Milton Keynes gig

Foo Fighters were joined onstage by a succession of rock legends at their gig at Milton Keynes Bowl last night (July 2).

Dave Grohl‘s band invited Alice Cooper, Bob Mould and Queen drummer Roger Taylor onstage to perform with them at various points during the stadium show.

Roger Taylor was first to appear for ‘Cold Day In The Sun’, which saw him take over drumming duties while usual sticksmanTaylor Hawkins sang lead vocals.

Later Husker Du man Bob Mould guested on ‘Dear Rosemary’, the song he contributed to on the band’s latest album‘Wasting Light’.

Introducing Mould onstage, Grohl paid tribute to his influence on the band.

“The good thing about this record is that I got to make a song with a person that I can truly call my hero, the person who is responsible for the Foo Fighters,” the singer said.

Meanwhile, Alice Cooper appeared onstage during the encore to sing on covers of two of his hits – 1972’s ‘School’s Out’ and 1970’s ‘I’m Eighteen’.

“If it wasn’t for this next person, Pat Smear would never have bought a guitar in his life,”Grohl told the crowd as he introduced the rock legend. “Say hello to one of our heroes – Mr Alice fucking Cooper!”

The gig saw Foo Fighters play a career-spanning set, including tracks from as far back as their 1997 sophomore album ‘The Colour And The Shape’, such as ‘Monkey Wrench’ and set-closer ‘Everlong’.