Happy Birthday Ringo!

“Peace and love, peace and love.” That’ll be the message Ringo Starr has for the world this Thursday on his 71st birthday and he hopes they’ll have it, too. As he has for the past few years, Starr plans to make public his trademark call of “peace and love” as a birthday event.

The former Beatles drummer will appear at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hamburg, Germany, where he and the All-Starr Band are in the middle of their summer tour. Starr, wife Barbara Bach, friends and fans will appear at noon local time to say “peace and love” and spread the word. Starr hopes fans will join in by saying it out loud, tweeting it or simply thinking the words at noon wherever they are.

The custom had its origins in 2008 when he was asked during an interview “What would you like for your coming birthday?” His answer was “More peace and love.” On July 7, 2008, Ringo and wife Barbara Bach were joined by fans on the streets of Chicago in front of the Hard Rock Hotel to show the “peace and “love” salute.

A little present from The Day Tripper to Ringo

Via: Examiner.com 


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  1. elvelezsaenz

    Peace and Love, Ringo

    07/07/2011 at 11:45 pm

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